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Every year Rachelle teams up with the best vendors around to create unforgettable experiences. This year we are teaming up with Laura Lo Photography for her Ignight workshop in Joshua Tree. 

Join us on this journey to Ignite something new in you. Joshua Tree has the ability to transport you to a place of adventure and peace.

A 4 day photography retreat in Joshua Tree, California with Laura Lo with Laura Lo Photography, and Rachelle Lynn Kappler of Our hope is to connect with you, inspire you, and build you up as artists.
Partnering up to host a workshop may seem like an odd pairing. Our work could not appear more different. But it's what you don't see, that's where our magic is similar. Our love, care and connection with our clients, the depth of ourselves we put into our work, and in some ways, how we shoot and the authentic moments we create for our clients so we can get the best of themselves... this is at the core of what we do. So joining forces and pulling our skills together to create a very unique experience seemed like the perfect journey to take together.
We are not after attracting the same kind of photographers who all shoot and edit the same. We are after attracting those photographers who genuinely want a special experience that will inspire them to dig deep and find their voice; an experience that trains their eye to find beauty where the shadows meet the light; an experience that teaches them to connect with people and shoot the feeling, rather than a pretty picture. We want to attract those who crave to have something new ignited within them.

Joshua Tree, CA
October 3-7, 2022



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We are two passionate women standing in front of you, asking you to go on this journey with us. Our goal is to help you grow as artists, elevate your business, and to ignite something new within you.  All free spirits welcome!

Your educators

Who we are

Laura Lo

An adventurous, outgoing mama with an open policy in my home… open door, open refrigerator, and an open heart.

I LOVE to connect with other humans on deeper levels, laugh my face off, and chase that golden sunset light. My happiest place to be is near water. The water is where I feel peace, calm, comfort and joy. I have yet to see any of my 3 boys share this love of water, but there is still time, many adventures to be had and stories to create.

I take a storytelling, emotive approach to my work. At age 10 I read my first National Geographic and was completely mesmerized by the faces, the stories, the emotion I felt in those images. Seeing people and places so different than my own and yet feeling connected to them in some way began my love of photography. I knew I wanted to capture life and authentic emotion like that. This experience opened my eyes a little more to the world around me. It broadened my view of the world and deepened my appreciation for people. 

My approach to photographing families, or anyone really, is very intuitive. So it’s difficult to explain. Rather, you’ll get to see first hand how I approach it all… session prep, styling, session flow, client connection and editing. I believe seeing an artist work has more of an impact than hearing how they work. 

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Who We are

Rachelle Kappler

LeArn MorE

who we are

Wild, loving, warm and compassionate & a little quirky...Thats me & I have never met a stranger (we're all besties)!! What you see is what you get, I can't help myself  LOL (insert emoji) 

Most people would say, your "job" is not who you are. I would tell them being a photographer is quite literally woven into my being. I see the beauty in everything and I am inspired constantly by the world around me. I am educated as an Antropologist and when I tell you I had NO IDEA this is where my journey would take me.....I mean it.

My drive & passion is capturing the beauty within people that they can't see within themselves. For me, it's never about "getting the shot" it's all about what my clients want, how I make them feel, and giving them the best experience and images possible. I am a bit more methodical now since specializing in weddings, my goal is no stress...EVER. No matter what life throws your way! 

I don't fake anything, I strive on beautiful authenticity. Now more than ever, I know that love and connection are the most important things we can experience in this life. ps. please forgive my consistent TikTok references! LOL

The casa

Private Casita + Main House on 5 Acres of Private Land 

Gaze at a captivating watercolor sunset from the patio as the twilight sky brightens with stars. Situated on our gorgeous 5 acres surrounded by mountains. 

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Your ammenities

Bags are Packed

Only 8 spots available
Airport: Palm Springs, CA
Cost: 2150 - 500 deposit.
Remainder due 30 days before workshop.
2000 if paid in full
Shared Beds*


3-4 live sessions (indoor & outdoor)
4 night stay at a beautiful desert oasis very close to Joshua Tree National Park
Transportation from airport: Pickup 3pm on October 3rd
1 keynote
Session Flow/Prep/Client Experience/ Business/ Marketing
Private Facebook Group
An adventure to fill your cup and ignite something great in you.

Dinning Out


Not included

Other Deets